What if you could be a part of putting a smile on every Senior’s face who is living in an assisted living home or nursing home in the United States? That is what I intend to do with Slippers for Seniors nonprofit.

A common fear among Seniors who live in facilities is that they will be forgotten by friends and family. Many Seniors do not have family or their family is not close by. They’ve probably lost a loved one. And, their friends and family are busy. 

When I used to visit my Mother in an assisted living home, I soon learned how many Senior’s do not have visitors. I saw how little it took to put a smile on their face. I realized that a small selfless act of giving a Senior something as simple as a pair of slippers accompanied by some conversation and a hug could put a huge smile on their face. I knew then I had to create Slippers for Seniors nonprofit and put as many smiles on the faces of Seniors throughout the United States as I possibly could.

Won’t you join me in my effort?

Fundraising will be used for purchasing slippers and operational costs. I am working with shoe companies to get a bottom dollar price on the slippers and am forming a solid volunteer base. Keeping costs down is very important to me in this journey of putting smiles on the faces of Seniors.  I also intend to donate a portion of the proceeds from my book series, A Senior's Journey, towards Slippers For Seniors nonprofit. 

This isn't just about donating.  It is about enriching the lives of Seniors and putting a smile on every Senior in assisted living and nursing homes throughout the United States. 

If you find it in your hearts to support this wonderful cause, I would be forever grateful. Please become a member of the Slippers For Seniors team and donate to this meaningful and worthy cause.

Thank you for your generosity and for supporting Slippers For Seniors.  Now, go spread the word about Slippers For Seniors to your family and friends!

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give. -Winston Churchill 

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